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Messages or threads that do not follow the Community Guidelines below will be removed from the forums. Furthermore, users who breach these Guidelines may have their access revoked and be banned from further membership applications.

Keep in mind that most of the information or other material posted in the Community is user-generated and not official support provided by issuu. As with any information or advice obtained through any medium, you should use your judgment and exercise caution where appropriate — regardless of where or from whom such material originates. For official support with account related and payment related questions, please check the issuu Help Center or send a message to the issuu support team.

Obey the Law and Be Respectful

We will remove posts (text, images, video and other media) that are vulgar, obscene or include racial or ethnic slurs.

This is a family-friendly community. Family-friendly means we don’t allow profanity, obscenities, hate speech, prejudiced comments, personal insults, hostile or threatening comments or images and descriptions of criminal activity, injury or animal cruelty.

Posting content which breaks the law or encourages breaking the law will be removed. We also reserve the right to remove any content advertising products or services for personal gain, that is political in any way or considered “spam.”

Posting your and/or other people’s private information is against the rules and users doing so will be banned.

No Advertising

We prohibit blatant advertising and solicitation of any content from all of our message threads. We welcome reviews, referrals and recommendations, but the Community must not be used as a place to serve ads to users.

Reporting Abuse

Please help issuu protect and maintain the integrity of our Community by reporting any inappropriate activity or user posts in the Community. If you believe that someone has violated any of our Community DOs or DON’Ts, please notify the moderators immediately. You can do this by clicking the flag icon next to the post that you deem to have broken the rules.

Community DOs

DO: use the Community as a place to find information about issuu and a place to share relevant, on-topic content with other users.
DO: share experiences, tips and knowledge that could inform future issuu users.
DO: treat other Community users with respect, and respect other people’s views, opinions, cultures and faiths.
DO: report any content or interactions you’re unsure of. If you spot anything which may be against Community Guidelines and hasn’t already been addressed, please report it to our moderators.
DO: welcome newcomers to the Community.
DO: check the Community first to make sure the issue you’re experiencing or the question you have is not already posted somewhere in the Community. Multiple threads on the same issue create clutter.
DO: create a new thread or find another related thread if you have multiple queries. Do not add further queries to an existing thread.

Community DON’Ts

DON’T: post inappropriate content that is threatening, harassing, obscene, discriminating, unlawful, racist, sexist or “adult.”
DON’T: advertise your business or blog, or spam the Community. Only include links to your blog or website where it is relevant and helpful to do so.
DON’T: troll the Community or respond to trolls. Please ignore trolling and flag it for the moderators to handle.
DON’T: discuss anything illegal.
DON’T: post personal information such as your email address, postal address, phone number or bank details.
DON’T: post links to malware, trojan viruses or otherwise malicious content.
DON’T: link to irrelevant content or post irrelevant content such as surveys or charity websites.
DON’T: say something that you wouldn’t say to a person’s face. Be respectful and remember we are all human beings with feelings.
DON’T: use any issuu logo or trade name as your avatar or user name, or otherwise pose as a issuu employee or moderator when posting in the Community. Employees and moderators of issuu will identify themselves in the Community by using the issuu logo as avatars.
DON’T: ignore our Community Guidelines. These Guidelines are in place to keep the issuu Community a fun and safe environment for all users.

Copyright and Ownership

Posting to the issuu Community is voluntary, and on it we host images and text created by users. However, all comments, posts and images posted by you, our users, remain your original content and the copyright belongs to you. Users clearly identified as issuu staff are posting in their capacity as part of issuu, so content posted by them is reserved to issuu.

We may wish to use a comment, image or other contribution to the Community in our social media feeds, blogs or other media. If this is the case, we will be in touch with you to check if this is okay. We will not reuse, repost, modify or otherwise make use of material you post without first getting your permission. If we do ask to use your content, you will be credited with a link back to the originating Community post or other source location as appropriate.

Contact Us

You can contact us via our support form with feedback, queries, complaints or issues regarding our Community Guidelines. We aim to respond within 24 hours during the week; however, sometimes this timeframe may be longer. If you contact us on the weekend, we will respond the following business day.

These Community Guidelines were last updated on March 28, 2017.



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