Page doubble. Can you help me?

this is one my publication. I need to view 2 page. Now I see 4 pages.
Sorry for my english language.
Can you suggest something to solve the problem?


  • Grace CGrace C Posts: 55Member
    Hi, @IschiaFilmFest. Please see this help center article!

    Our system will automatically convert your document to a 2-page spread. If you upload your publication in a 2 page spread, it will show up on issuu as four pages. So if you want it to show up as four pages, they have to be uploaded as single pages.
  • Hello and thanks for the advice.
    How should I set my pdf to tell him to publish as a single page?
    I'm not very good to use pdf creator.
  • Grace CGrace C Posts: 55Member
    Good question, @IschiaFilmFestival! I do not know what you're using to create your publication, but you can try checking their help center for how to make your pdf a single page layout instead of a 2-page layout.
  • @Grace C could it be possible to convert my document to a single page spread instead of 2-pages spread? This in order to get a bigger view of our images. Thank you for your help.
  • graceissuu1graceissuu1 Posts: 151Member issuu staff
    @winklermultimediaevents our system automatically does 2-page spreads so I don't believe that we can show just one page at a time on the screen. If you want to show a bigger image, what some people do is essentially split a page to fill 2 pages.

    For example, this publisher split the image to two pages but it looks like a 1-page spread.
  • philjackson490philjackson490 Posts: 2Member
    Yes, it could be possible to convert document to a single page spread instead of 2-pages spread.
  • evnfrnk84evnfrnk84 Posts: 1Member
    This is still a problem.

    If I export my pdf as single pages, my first page, which is the cover and a double-page spread, is split into two single pages.

    If I export as two page spreads then I get 4 page spreads.

    This seems like quite a basic problem that I should be able to address in issuu's settings somewhere...

    Any ideas?
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