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I have a site on sale here I sell items on mobile devices, but I'm not good at marketing and SEO so much so my website still flickered on the 20th page of google I want to ask people how Any ideas to help me get rid of the current situation, thanks


  • graceissuu1graceissuu1 Member Posts: 151 issuu staff
    Hi @sadzness — this is a community to talk about publishing! Do you have a publication or catalog embedded to your site from issuu? If not, this might not be the right community to ask :smile:
  • perfect61perfect61 Member Posts: 3
    Yeah SEO is a great way to promote your business online. Initially you can get such low rank in search engine result pages but with continues efforts you can get high ranking. You can also hire the seo company for reviewing your SEO strategies.
  • mobilebazarmobilebazar Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for this information also here on mobile bazar.
  • perfect61perfect61 Member Posts: 3
    If you’re looking for good digital advertising solutions and are not sure that you will be able to project justice, you should look for a good SEO company that can take care of that for you. I think you’ll get to learn a lot and maybe you’ll be doing it yourself later on.
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