How do I read issuu on Windows 10 machine while offline

Hi guys! Thought you could help a relative issuu noob. I've been reading with it for about a couple of years via browser and Android app. I thought there used to be a good windows app that let you download mags like the android app, read offline, etc. But now, after googling for a while and searching the Windows store, all I can find is a Windows Mobile app (I don't use Windows Mobile, just Windows 10). Can't find any alternative readers either.

Anyone have a solution for reading off-line while on a Windows 10 (standard...PC/laptop) machine?



  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Member Posts: 124 issuu staff
    Hi there

    Unfortunately there's no way to read Issuu publication in offline mode on desktop. You need to download publications 1st. And you can download only those publications which are marked as downloadable by their publishers.
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