Deleted publication still on Google


I posted a publication (public) a few months ago, it is a private biography. I was stupid and forget that it was public, so everyone could read it.

So I decided to delete it. But still, if you google my name (full name), you find the cover of the publication...
The publication is deleted, but I hope there is a way that I can also delete this? Delete my account?


  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Member Posts: 124 issuu staff
    Hello @nina108010 We, unfortunately, have no control over when the cache from the search engines will be removed.We recommend waiting a few days to see whether the link to your content is still live. If it is, please contact Google directly as they will be able to help or via their "Right to be Forgotten" form, which is also available for EU citizens and citizens of Argentina. For more information, please go to our help center article:
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