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Hello Issuu Community!

We have launched two new enhancements to the Issuu platform:

1) The ability to sort publications. After upload, you were unable to re-order your publications.
We just released last week the ability to modify the order of your content by simply changing the date of the publication release date. Click on settings next to your publication and then modify the date. Your publications will be ordered appropriately.

2) We recently released a way to share your publication as an animated GIF - perfect for social media and email!

Here is how you use it:

-From your Publication List click the 'Share' link on the publication you want displayed in the email.
-In the popup window click the blue 'Share as GIF' link
-In the GIF wizard you can customize how you want the publication to display. Including background color and which spreads to include in the animation.
-Click the 'Download' button under the preview
-In the popup window click the bottom blue 'Download as .gif file instead' link
-You browser will now download a standard GIF file to your harddrive which can be used directly in your email editor program.


Finally, regarding auto detected links...we now require that you add the prefix of your URL (www / http(s) ) to your PDF prior to upload in order for this feature to work. To improve link detection accuracy, we made this change late in November.

Thank you for your active participation on the Forum.

Issuu Customer Success
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