Improve Statistical Reporting for Multiple Publication Publishers in 2018

As long time customers of Issuu (2005), we love many features about your company's products and services.

However, one feature sadly lacking is a truly viable reporting structure. There are either super-macro reports (non-downloadable) for the lifetime of ALL our 100+ publications. Or hyper-micro reports (downloadable) per specific edition of each 100+ publications. It's like the Goldilock's take on the three bears' porridge - too hot or too cold - but definitely NOT JUST RIGHT!

What's lacking is any midway reporting features that would allows us to take a single title, then aggregrate ALL their editions published in a date range to determine the various information that you are already tracking, and then download the results as a CSV.

As an example, we should be able to take the Abbotsford News, which publishes twice a week, and get all the various statistics for 2017 (or a suitable date range) relating to the 104 editions the published last year. Instead, we can get those statistics, literally one publication at a time, download the resulting CSV and try to merge the spreadsheets. (This one-at-a-time approach may work okay for a monthly/quarterly magazine that is the publisher's only publication - however is ridiculous for a muti-publisher of weekly, bi-weekly or tri-weekly publications).

Surely there must be a way in 2018 to extract this type of information from your databases. As advertising customers become more savvy and demand better reporting for online readership of our publications, there is currently no scalable way to deliver those statistics for large publishers like ourselves. I appreciate that reporting of this nature can place heavy demands on your processors, so I would be happy if I could even 'request' this type of report so that it could be run in 'off' hours and delivered as a spreadsheet or PDF via email or link at a later time (this is the way GoDaddy and other vendors provide these detailed style of reports).

Moreover, it would be fantastic if there was a way to integrate Google Analytics in some meaningful way to extract those details (especially if Issuu is not making them available).

There are lots of good things about Issuu which make it a very positive experience for our readers and advertisers. Unfortunately, reporting is not one of them. Anything you can do to modernize this critical part of your business would be truly appreciated by your many loyal customers. Thank you.


  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Posts: 107Member issuu staff
    Hi @BlackPress -thanks so much for this valuable insight. I saw that you provided other feedback around our auto-detected links and have started some polls to get a sense of what the Community wants/needs.

    We definitely understand the need for better statistics for our publishers and have begun prioritizing and collecting feedback about how we can improve the data we provide to you.I'm forwarding this on to our product team and if you're up for it, maybe schedule a call with you to better understand how we can improve this?

  • BlackPressBlackPress Posts: 8Member
    I would be happy to participate in a conference call to discuss the details of our statistical reporting needs. Please let me know a couple of suitable days/times - I'm in the Pacific Time Zone. Thanks.
  • BlackPressBlackPress Posts: 8Member
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    Misplaced this comment ... er, never mind.
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