Improper billing

14 days ago I made a FREE account on ISSUU. I saw in the list that there were paid plans, but they gave me the option to make a free account. Today, 14 days later, I received a $ 420 charge (PayPal) for an annual plan that I never opted for. I remember when I made the account I saw this subscription option, but I cleared the plan precisely because it was my intention to have a paid account. I wanted to understand and know why my account was migrated to paid if I never enabled this option. It's $ 420!!!
on account of this charge I disabled my PayPal account, canceled my credit card and, so far, I have not received a response on the charge.


  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Posts: 107Member issuu staff
    Hi @sideralespacial - we apologize for this inconvenience. We see that you submitted a ticket into our support team. They are addressing this and will get back to you soon!

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