Can I buy an issue somehow?

Hi there.
I'm a woman and I live in central Europe. I'm a huge BL series fan, especially Together with me. I saw my favorite couple is in the Hamburger Magazine issue 112 (Thaiand).
I would like to buy somehow an issue.
Who can help me??? Any advice?
Thanks a lot, Enn


  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Posts: 107Member issuu staff
    If you have questions about a specific issuu publication (getting printed copies, advertising in the publication, etc.), try contacting the publisher directly.

    To find a Publisher Profile Page:

    1. Navigate to one of their publications, then select the Publisher's name or image below the publication.

    2. On their Profile Page, look for a URL below their description and follow the link. Chances are the contact information you’re looking for will be somewhere on their site.
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