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docuprint6docuprint6 Posts: 2Member

I've just downloaded the trial version today and have been having a play. I want to be able to embed a gif in an email which links to the published document (all of which I've worked out), but don't want the recipients to see how we're producing it.

The document cannot be hosted on a website so I've been looking at the Shareable Full-Screen Reader. I understand the logo on the reader can be changed, but is it possible to mask the URL? If not, is there another way to let people see the publication without letting them know we're using Issuu?



  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Posts: 107Member issuu staff
    Hi @docuprint6 - not at this time for either feature you described above.

    Do note, when you embed a link from Issuu onto your hosted site/blog, there is still an Issuu logo that appears (even on a paid plan). You can remove the "Powered by Issuu" on the left but on the right part of the screen, that Issuu logo can not be removed.

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