upgrade solution

Dear Issuu Team -

I already post a publication and before to share it on social meadia i d like to upgrade to give to our readers a better experience -

i d like to subscribe first only for one month - it is possible? - or after paid by paypal the monltly fee I have to pay every month? - i can not find info about this -

let me know



  • issuusuccessissuusuccess Posts: 107Member issuu staff
    @giovannicasu We do have a month to month payment plan . You do pay upfront first for the month and then your subscription auto renews. To avoid auto renewing, you would want to cancel your month to month subscription before the next renewal date.

    For example:

    If you upgrade on Feb.14, you will be billed again on March 14 and then on April 14. So to avoid being billed for March 14, you would want to cancel the subscription before that date. Does that help?

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